Winding double yellow lines lead up the horizon to calm blue mountains as a drive along. When I arrive, it’s chilly, and the air is expectant. Everyone is rushing around, cheerfully waving to one another, and you can feel the excitement rising. Soon will be the most joy filled day celebrating a Scandinavian boy falling in love with a Virginia girl. Their love story culminates today, after love letters written and sent far away, late night phone calls, trips across the ocean, family lovingly observing and friends calling it first. The day was special because it wasn’t the traditional type of wedding, the kind where all the ideas are from Pinterest alone. There was so much love and heart behind every detail, as it unfolded in the virginia mountains. There was singing and blankets and laughter and waffles on mismatched vintage plates and stories around the bonfire. It was a day full of life, a day to remember! Here it is, in pictures, which were shot alongside Braidy Bates!