We’re coming up on four years of marriage this spring! It’s hard to believe yet it feels like we’ve had an eternity together at the same time.

To just be together, I think that is really the thing. We have become friends on levels I have never known with another human being, it is truly incredible. To care so deeply for another human, and have that human care as deeply for you. To wholly accept another person with all their flaws and baggage, and feel the depth of grace when that person embraces you and all the unpleasant places in your soul, and also still loves you for squeezing the toothpaste “wrong”! Haha! To have a person who makes you laugh as no one else can, sometimes you don’t even have to say the joke you just look at each other because you’re both already thinking it! To have a person who is so curious and interesting yet who you know so familiarly. To have a person to hold you close every night. Togetherness, wholeness, oneness, that is what it is.

Marriage is also incredibly, incredibly challenging, as is any other thing you choose to do which enhances your life and makes it more beautiful. I never used to get it when people said that, but now I do. It’s excruciatingly difficult. It’s frustrating, it’s angering! We both work on it very hard on it, cultivating it, caring for it, loving it, valuing it, and giving it all we’ve got. We have learned so so much. I think we were both different people when we started this journey, and the fact that we’ve grown is a very good thing! I thought it would be fun to share a few of the things we have learned along the way about passion and cultivating a healthy relationship – the beautiful and glorious and crazy things – over at my blog, The Modern Gentlewoman – go there to read more.

It’s a bit strange, being on the other side of the camera. These photos are of my love and I, from a little vow renewal shoot we did a bit ago with Jared Powell, which I am in love with!