Because I’m trying to learn this myself.

When you look in the mirror, don’t instantly come in close. Don’t focus on that awful pimple that is coming in. Don’t become distressed over that wrinkle that is developing. Don’t begrudgingly scrutinize your brows that are in need of a tweeze. Don’t think that your lips are too thin, or your nose is too big, and don’t frown at those dark spots under your eyes. Don’t wish that your skin was less oily, or less dry.

No! Stop! Don’t do that to yourself!

Darling, take a step back. Look at yourself. You were created beautifully! You’re an amazing, living, human being. Look how your face can glow, dear, when you see your beauty! Look how healthy and beautiful your big brows are! Look how good your lips look when they curve into a smile! See how your nose can breathe in life giving oxygen? Take a deep breath, be grateful for the beautiful God given color of eyes, a gift through which to see the world, see how they sparkle when the light hits them? Look at your skin, the biggest organ of your body, how it works daily for you, literally holding you together. How it pushes out little bits of bacteria, and does’t let it into your body. See those little wrinkles on each side of your eyes? Like parentheses to your gem of an iris.

See? You’re beautiful! Look in the mirror and say, well Darn! Man, I’m a beautiful creation! & be thankful! Nourish your body, take care of it. Don’t constantly see it’s imperfections! Everyone sees their flaws. Did you know research by Dove shows that only 2% of women think they’re beautiful! Something doesn’t add up, we all know that there are not actually only 2% of women who are beautiful! Did you know that most women, over their lifetime, will spend more on beauty products than on their education? No one is perfect, but every woman has a beauty. Look at the world’s top models, and you will see that every woman has her own beautiful flaws. Look at Gigi, who has moles scattered all over her body, or Georgia Mae Jagger or Lara Stone who have huge tooth gaps, or Cara with her signature bushy eyebrows! When we see these on top models, we are able to see that they are beautiful, so why don’t we try and see this in ourselves? Look closely at the most beautiful rose nature can produce, and you will find flaws. We are all broken, but we are beautiful!

Next time you see an imperfection, be grateful, because you are ALIVE, a living, beautiful, human being. Life is abundant with tiny miracles, look at your body and you will find a plethora of them. Instead of fretting over flaws, look for the miracles. Being alive is a privilege, and you don’t have time to be negative when you look at yourself in the mirror, even for a second! Go out and live your day, and your dreams, well!