When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of lace frosted hearts, hand written notes, and a dinner date. Your prettiest dress, your favorite heels, a few extra shlicks of mascara and a pop of red on your cupid’s bow. You hold hands across the table at a fancy restaurant, eat some delightfully delicious food, and don’t even take your eyes off each other while the waitress pours you another glass of water. That’s all well and good, but for those of you who don’t fancy doing things the normal way, or, you just want a change of a pace, here’s 3 possibly even more romantic alternative ways to valentines!

1. Keep the candlelit dinner, drop the restaurant. One way to change it up a bit is instead of going out for dinner, dine in! This is actually one of our favorite traditions because we find it very relaxing and romantic. My hubby usually grills steak, I prepare truffle fries and roasted vegetables, and we pick a delightful red wine. We put on the table cloth, set out best dishes, and light the candles, and set the mood with our favorite songs. Très romantique! If you and your sweetie have been busy recently and you just need to unwind, not be around hordes of people, and just enjoy each other, this is the perfect thing. Go to a place that’s a little less crowded because it’s, well, your place! Plus if you have a little much of that red wine, you’re already home!

2. Focus on Each Other & Have Fun!! Remember the good old days when you used to goof off and just have fun together? Let out your wild sides and escape.Make a fort I the living room, light candles, and ask each other questions from a list. Do something weird, like go to a random department store and pick out the strangest (or the finest) outfits for each other you can find and then go to the grocery store and get your favorite snack and candies! Chase each other around the house with nerf guns. Make each other a treasure hunt ending in gifts for the other. Take turns doing something the other enjoys – for example, I like connecting over deep conversations and coffee, reading books together, looking at Pinterest, and dreaming, and he likes when I work on a project with him that he enjoys like the cars or the house! This is perfect if life has been too crazy and you’ve been stressed and responsible, and you just need to let loose and get in touch why you decided to spend forever together in the first place!

3. Get outdoors! Is it too cold to be outside or is just more cozy? Go on a hike and hold hands and talk about everything you’re grateful for about each other with a view at the top. Bring a blanket and a bottle of champagne to the beach and gaze up at the stars. Drive to your nearest hilltop, lake, or river, bundle up with a quilt for two, and watch the sunset while eating hot soup from a thermos!

I hope these will inspire you to find an out of the box way to enjoy each other this valentines day!

I wanted to give you lovers a little something to remember this special season of your life with together! When you book a session before February, the 24, I’m gifting a large 8×10 inch print of you and your sweetie! To find out more or book a session, go here!



Juliet Bryant