Bare feet. The strength of the sun soaks deliciously into skin. There is not a more relaxing feeling than letting the water carry you, weightlessly, through a slow summer day. Politics may be bad, the weeds may be growing, bananas may be going extinct. But none of that can touch you now, away from it all, wrapped in the cocoon of a summer’s day. The haze of heat waves rises and falls in harmony with the song of the crickets. Their music intertwines with the sound of the birds, the splash of water, the happy shouts of humans. The sun seeps right into your soul, and winter is nothing but a distant memory. Droplets run down tan skin. Water lazily waves to and fro, through squinted eyes you watch the sun sparkling and shimmering as it dances in it’s surface. You bite into cool, luscious, watermelon, and savor the sweetness rushes over your tongue, cooling you. You’ve got as many cares as clouds in the sky: none. Bare feet running through dry grass. The mailman stops at your mailbox, maybe he’s delivering a bill, but you don’t care. An airplane hums through the stratosphere, people traveling around the world, but all you want to be is here, right here, in this moment. You’ve got summertime peace of mind.

Oh, how I wish it would never end!