Early Friday morning, I still was in my running clothes tidying up the house and hadn’t brought myself to go out in the cold.

Chafin called from work, and told me there was snow on the forecast for the afternoon. “It sure looks like snow”, I said, peering out at the heavy clouds, that seemed pregnant with snow. “Feels like it in the air, too”, he said.

Later that day, sure enough, the flakes were floating down like they meant business. Cars were carefully scurrying by and the air was laden with a stir of excitement and preparation. Chafin left work early and stopped on the way home for gas, bread, and milk, and the lines were long.


We hurried into our snow clothes and it felt like rediscovering the world when it was covered in a thin blanket of clean, fresh, white. Our neighborhood looks so different in the snow, and all the pretty houses are even more endearing! The air was clear and clean and all the ugly bits and corners were covered, while lights blinked out cheerfully from the houses and smoke swirled out from the chimneys. Everyone was snug at home now, and the world felt pure and brand new. All was to be head was the soft whispering of snowflakes as they landed softly on the welcoming earth. I was in wonder, what a magical winter wonderland.

Soon our own welcome windows called us in, and while Chafin filled the porch with enough wood for a blizzard and lighted a fire, I put on the Christmas music and lit the candles. Another thing I love to do on cozy days is fill a pot with water, sliced oranges, rosemary, whole cinnamon and cloves, and boil it; the whole house smells like all the good memories you ever or never had.


Blue black night fell on the beauty outdoors, the snow persistently floated down, but we were curled up inside next to a blazing fire and each other.

When I woke up the next morning, I flung open the curtains to make sure the world was still a white wonderland. To my delight, the clouds were still as heavy as ever the the flurries were still working on covering the world.


I jumped up, and was pleased to discover half a box of whole wheat pancake mix in the back of the freezer, and bacon eggs, yogurt, and an almost empty orange juice carton in the fridge. Before long we were having a soul satisfying breakfast while staring out the window.

Chafin had already started work on the upstairs renovation which we have just begun; he is putting in a bathroom right now and so while I threw up my hair to wash the dishes, he started his research for his plan. He really enjoys plumbing, isn’t that funny?

When he went back up to the project, I curled up in a comfy blanket by the window and stuck my nose in a book after I wrapped up some photo editing. It’s hard for me to relax, do you ever feel like that? I always feel a million to do lists pressing in on me from all sides, but I felt like I really need rested and rejuvenation this weekend, in order to tackle the coming week. I’ve been running low on energy, so I fought the urge to go be productive. The book was written so wittily and so humanly relatable, and it really wasn’t hard! It was such a breath holding tale written in the 1900’s about “Truxten King”, who set off to find adventure and romance, and is disappointed until he becomes wrapped up in such an adventure calls him to outwit the villains, help to save a kingdom, and find the girl of his dreams (it happens that they had unknowingly been neighbors back in New York the whole time). It was a lovely old book that gave a glimpse into the past and shines wisdom and inspiration on human nature in the present. Now that I am through with it, does anyone have suggestions for what I should read next?

I also convinced Chafin to take a break from his plumbing and get in the hot tub with me, which was a real treat in the snowflakes! It was nice to have a chance to breath it all in and relax!

That evening was a cozy one, with lord of the rings and mulled wine in a little nest by the fire. Everything my soul has needed after feeling worn thin by all that has been happening in our lives recently. Sometimes rest really is the best medicine!

The next day was very much like the first, with all the things my soul could wish for on a snowed in day! Walks, fires, book reading, journaling, the smells of freshly baked banana bread, life tidying, and snuggles.

Real life: my boots were leaky so my resourceful husband fixed them up for me. I have been strolling the streets with these one of a kind beauties, hahaha! My software engineer /renovator plumber can had shoe cobbler to his list, although I’m not sure how he’d fare.

In the morning I made crockpot chicken for an easy but nourishing Snow Day Dinner. If you want to make it too, all you do is combine a chicken, diced potatoes, onions, carrots, herbs, garlic, olive oil, s+p in a crockpot, on high for three hours or low for six. Ta-da! At dinnertime you will have a pleasant hot meal ready. Use the broth for soup, later.

I want to remember the little every day life scenes of ours, so I have been making the effort to take note of them and thought why not record it here! I hope you all had a pleasant snowy weekend too!