If you’re in need of goals make inspiration:

If you’re still on the prowl for ideas for resolutions and are looking for some things worth incorporating into your year, here’s some things I’ve found tremendously worth while! I jotted these down in my journal this morning after thinking over the last year and feel really good about them. If you’re looking around for some things to accomplish in 2018, I liked these a lot.

Personal Style, Closet that Makes Me Happy, Time Saved:
I became more confident in my personal style, and culled and revamped my wardrobe to hold only clothes I love and that I feel great in. This saves me A LOT of time when getting dressed, because I know I like everything and that it flatters me so I just put on what I’m most in the mood to wear. I was inspired by French women to forsake fast fashion and find personal style – I’ve gotten really comfortable with what style I feel is my own ( a mix of vintage, modern, comfortable, edgy but pretty – but that doesn’t matter, it’s my style, not yours). French women find what works best for their bodies and what they feel the most beautiful in and adapt it throughout their lives, rather than constantly trying to fit themselves into what’s in style.

Real Fibers Only:
Related, but different: I began buying only real fibers, and became a real tag reader. Clothes, sheets, you name it, I have found I feel so much better being surrounded by natural fibers like cotton, linen, silk, wool, and that those garments usually wear better, too.


Instagram Addict No More:
I used to waste hours upon hours in the time vortex that is Instagram. I like all social medias and Pinterest too, but I have a personal weakness for the gram. When I looked under “battery usage” at start of the year to see the time I  on that little app the size of my thumb, I was blown away and appalled. I’d devoted hours and hours of my life to it. I struggled for awhile to to find a solution that worked, but I finally came up with a system to get the best of it rather than let it get the best of me! I now keep it deleted from my phone at all times except when I want to post and respond to comments, comment on others photos, and respond to messages. I have unlimited data so downloading it every day hasn’t been a problem for me. I’m not saying it’s the best system ever, but it’s the one that has worked for me, and it has given me hours and hours of my life back. I’ve thought about doing a post on this very subject. Should I? If so, leave a comment on the post!

The Pleasure of Learning:
I feel like this year I truly rediscovered the pleasure of learning and acquiring new knowledge and just reveling in the things of things…so many topics I have learned about and have begun being in the habit of listening to lots of recorded books when I work or drive, and I love podcasts too. I am now always seeking out the enjoyment of opening my mind to the wonders of this world.

Just Don’t Listen to the News.
It’s that easy. Seriously. Just don’t read or listen to the news – it’s almost always negative, it will almost always make you feel sad or down, there’s usually nothing you can do to change any of it, and if you need to know it, someone will tell you. This is actually something I’ve done for a really long time, and I’m empowered to live better and healthier by filling my mind with good things instead. Once in awhile, there is an issue I want to follow and I do, but for the most part, staying away from the reporting of the unfortunate things happening in our country and around the world has never enabled me to live better or to help others. If there is some real worldwide news, I always hear about it. Knowing has never helped me change the world for better, and I like to instead put my energy into the things I can help around me. I feel so much better and healthier staying away from that source of negativity.

Develop a Life Philosophy, a Structure, a Rhythm – to live From:
There’s a lot of freedom in structure. Creating a concrete way to do the things you have to do, and knowing what you think and how you see the world, enables you to go forth and live out well the things you weren’t expecting. When you have rhythm for your everyday life, you don’t have to put any energy into that and you can put all your focus towards handling the life issues, good or bad, that are not expected, or extra.

Travel, Check!
I really did it – I traveled somewhere I’ve been wanting to go for a long time. A European tour had been a goal for quite a few years, and really doing it felt so great! I don’t think you will ever regret spending time or money to see more of the world.

I hope some of these thoughts will encourage and inspire you for this coming year! I certainly feel a lot better for them.