Imperfection + Beauty. Two things we don’t often think of together. I’ve been trying to let go a little and realize that sometimes just doing can be beautiful because if you don’t, often times inspiration never makes it into reality. I’ve been striving to practice that in every day ways. Something does not have to be impeccably produced in order to enjoy its delight. Simplicity has a beauty all of it’s own. A real, everyday, beauty.  I’ve realized recently that beauty is sometimes enjoyed more when it is done simply because the stress and pressure of a big production do not come along with it. Instead, you have room to just breathe, and soak it in.

I’d been wanting to have a little end of summer soirée with friends, but there’s nooo way that I can afford the time for that! However, I saw all this dainty and delightful smelling clematis growing at the edge of our forest and I was inspired to just do the table up real quick. It was imperfectly done in about 10 minutes but do you know what? I got so much enjoyment out of it because I hadn’t spent hours laboring over it, and dear ones were able to gather around and have a soul refreshing evening that I was sorely in need of! Lessons I’ve been learning: just create your ideas, even if you don’t have all the time or supplies you need, do it while you’re excited about it! Also, people are more important than accomplishments, so take a deep breath, put away your to do list, and savor moments that matter!

I hope you all have a lovely Labor Day Weekend! Enjoy it, and remember, imperfection is beautiful!

Disclaimer: These are only iPhone photos, I have vowed to use my camera to document our every day life together so…next time I’ll have to remember!