This is a super easy way to make a pretty, sculptural, but natural ornament and it only takes about 5 minutes at most! It’s also extra fun because it smells so good as you are making it and feels super festive! It’s fairly intuitive to make, and you can sort of hold it together as you go along to see it taking place! Hopefully my directions will help, but there are several ways of doing it so just sort of going as it makes sense is totally doable for this!

What You Need:

A pile of cinnamon sticks (I recommend getting two bottles of them to make one, not all of them have holes going all the way through. Leftovers are perfect for mulled wine or cider!)
A thick leather cord. If you don’t have one on hand, use embroidery floss and a big need.

Step 1:
Start by threading on 3 cinnamon sticks and tie, to form a triangle. Thread on 2 more and tie, forming a diamond shape (or 2 triangles, with the stick through the middle).

Step 2:
Thread on 2 more and tie again, and a sort of bridge looking structure will take place, formed of triangles. Fold it together and you will see it is the top half of the ornament, almost complete.

Step 3:
Add on two more, and continue the shape. You now have 4 triangles. Don’t close the top half of the ornament by completing the square in the middle just yet. It’s time to complete the bottom half of the ornament.


Step 4:
To complete the bottom half by adding 3 more sticks to make 2 triangles. Now, tie in the last piece of the square in the middle.

Step 5:
Now you have the perfect closure! Thread on the last sitck, and tie. Don’t complete the knot, instead, leave in a loop to hang the ornament by.

Step 6:
Hang on your tree and your handy work and it’s delightful scent!

I hope all of this makes sense! The photos are a bit grainy due to me make it in the late blue light of dusk! Comment if you have questions or if you liked this tiny little DIY! I certainly had fun doing it!