It’s getting to be that time of year, can you feel it? I’ve seen twinkle lights and bits of greenery around the city, shining in the quickly darkening evening sky. I’ve found myself scrolling through Pinterest looking for ideas for pretty, sparkly bits of things to make to hang on our tree and to deck our banister, hearth, and living room with. I’ve been thinking of things that smell delicious, like cloves and oranges, to decorate the little nooks and corners of our cottage with. And I’ve been dreaming about mulled wine, and hot cider, and fresh ginger snap cookies. And anything that has to do with the word “cozy”, really, like blankets, fires, dear people……

Now that time of year really is here, and it’s not long before those “order today to receive by Christmas” emails from artifact uprising and all of the card companies we love will be hitting our inbox, so I’m opening up my “Christmas Minis” sessions for couples and families! I know you all want to have your photos in time so you can send them out before that email hits your inbox, and so that your friends and family can see your cute faces all season and not just the day before Christmas, which is all too easy to do!

Since I am feeling a little extra festive this morning, I’m officially offering the Mini Sessions, starting today! Mini Sessions are 20 minutes for $80, and you get 10 processed images of you and your love! Choice of three locations!

Of course, the cards aren’t the only reason we all need a good family portrait at this time of year! It is the perfect time to document our lives, and the season we’re in, and the way things are, so that when they’ve changed, we can look back and smile. They’re not just for other people’s fridge, they’re the most important for us, to have around our home to make it all the more homey and all the more “us”! OH and of course it’s the only time of year I offer portraits under $200!