Hello loves!

I wanted to share this happy, intimate session of these two wild lovers in honor of Valentine’s Day coming up, as well as a little gift for any lovers who want their love documented! The photos are the part at Baker’s Beach of a two-hour session documenting their love and connection together.

I’ve got some serious heart eyes for these wild hearted lovers! Even the air was wild that day, it was cool and energetic, the sort of air you just want to breathe in because it lights you up with a zest for life. There was a mysterious mist snuggling up to every bit of land, the waves crashed up at their feet, and seagulls called overhead. The sun seemed to be playing hide and seek, peeking out here and there, kissing faces, and then hiding again, and finally showing itself in all it’s glory at sunset! You can tell the dynamic of these two from the photos – carefree yet thoughtful, happy and wild yet full of deep conversation, connected together to make a whole yet shining on their own. More than anything, they are just full of fun and love for life!

I know in my heart that the soul of the relationship between a couple is always what shapes a session – that is why no two sessions are every alike! The photos are really carried by the soul of the relationship. I am always watching, listening, and feeling, to know how to best capture who they really are together. One of the things that makes me the happiest is when I put the finish touches on a session and see it in all it’s glory, like the one below –  it does not document me, the photographer, but the love is the art, captured through a lens.

What is your dynamic like together? I would love to know. That is what makes love so beautiful – every love story is uniquely special. Valentine’s Day is coming up,  I wonder, what way do you two like to celebrate together? I think that can be such a fun way couples represent their love to one another – a fancy dinner at the best place in town, hole in the wall Italian, post-mates and a movie at home, or a super chill nothing at all and every day is a day of love for you? For us, I told my love to surprise me – we love Quirk, a very pretty hotel, and Brenner Pass, with French alpine offerings, so I’m putting my money on one of those. It’s also hard to beat cooking together and just relaxing with candles and wine at home though, so who knows!

I know traditionally, you get a gift for your lover, but I decided to do something a little different and offer a gift to YOU two, instead! OR give you a little something to give to your love. If you would like to do something unique this Valentine’s Day and document your love together with a one or two-hour session, I want to gift you a free set of 10 4×4 or 3.5×5 prints of the very best photos from artifact uprising, shipping included, of photos from your session! All you have to do is book a session by Wednesday, February 21 (one week after vday). The actual date of the session can be anytime that works for you and your lover that I am available on (for example, you could book the session for the last Friday of February, but you would have to book it by the 21st). If you’d like to be a bit more minimal and just do a low key 20-minute session instead, I am offering those as well!

If you have a question about what a shoot would look like or are interested in booking one, just email me at: juliet@julietbryantphotography.com! I can’t wait to hear from you!


The End!