I’m Juliet Bryant.

What I Do:

I fell in love with & married my dream man, & now we are boldly living out our plans & chasing our dreams together. Currently we are remodeling a mid-century cottage in Richmond, Va, & traveling as much as we can!

In My Soul:

I am captivated by the beauty of every day magic. The small things bring me joy – morning sunshine, the aroma of roses & coffee & my husband’s cologne, thunderstorms, snuggles, films with happy endings, growing green things, & art that speaks to me.

My Craving for this Thing I Call a Career:

I believe that Seeing is my greatest gift. It is the gift that makes me an artist. Light, composure, emotions. I use this gift in everything I do. I am a creative being. Without thinking, without knowing how I am moving, as I see I know what must come into being. I am a romantic. I believe in the power, the beauty, and the substance of love.

There is nothing that makes me come alive quite like telling the love story of sweethearts through photography.

Philosophy of Photography & the Importance of Being:

Photography tells the story of life, real life, YOUR life, and maybe I’m biased but I believe that is the most important art form. That is the beauty of the photo, that has entangled me & drew me it; a photo holds still a moment, otherwise gone all too soon, & makes it timeless.

Stop, breathe it all in. Look into your love’s smiling eyes, see those details that make them special, & unique, & them. Life rushes by & those small, pure, moments matter the most. The ones that light us up & make us magic. Savor the thrill of being fully alive, fully present, with the one you love the most. Hug, kiss, dance, laugh – this is the time of your life!

Moments pass all too fleetingly, so don’t let them slip away.

A photo session is taking time aside…

just to have fun, celebrate, & revel in those moments. Capture this time in your life in all of it’s beauty, magic, imperfection, & uniqueness – your time is now!

Contact Me!

Go ahead, drop me a line! let’s be friends & chat over a cup of coffee or book a session with you & your love!