A spur of the moment trip to sunny California was just what we needed in march. We booked our tickets, and two weeks later we were jetting out to see family and the beach! We stayed at a beach house in Cayucaus, where my family took a trip every summer when I was a little girl. Our days consisted of waking up to cinnamon rolls at the restaurant across the street, walks on the beach, dinners with views, and exploring the small quaint town of Cayucaus.

Next we visited my family. My grandparents on my fathers side live in a home sprawling on a mountain side, from which you can see ranches, groves and groves of fruit and nut trees in bloom, and the canals reflecting the sky. Surrounding their home are vegetable gardens, rose gardens, massive cacti, and fruit trees laden with fruit. Out back is a patio perfect for breakfast, and good conversations. My grandma is hospitable and energetic, and my grandpa is wise yet always making us laugh with his dry humor.

My mother’s side of the family has a ranch in the foothills of the sierra Nevada’s. When you wake up, you can look across the valley to see the morning mist around the bottom of the mountains. You can walk out the back porch and pick a cumquat of the tree, then oranges and grapefruit for juice to go with breakfast. My Grammie is super laid back and you feel right home at the ranch. During the day we walked through a field of wildflowers to pick avocados off the ground at a neighboring ranch. Down at the sheds is a hubbub of activity. My uncle own’s a log cabin restoration business, so one shed is full of beautiful logs. The company Appendage in Bough is also based out of one of the huge sheds, so you can see all the beautiful pieces they are working on for restaurants, shops, and homes across Ca. Springtime in California is a lovely place!

It was so good to get away for a quick minute. One of my best girlhood friends used to say you sometimes just need to “get out of your perspective” which means that you need to take a step back from the grind, and see your life and the world in a new way. This was the perfect trip for a refreshed perspective!